3CS Designs Website for Hayleys Global Beverages

3CS Designs Website for Hayleys Global Beverages


3CS designed and launched the website of Hayleys Global Beverages. Hayleys Global Beverages is a subsidiary of the Hayleys Group of Companies. Hayleys Global Beverages will produce authentic pure Ceylon tea extracts, manufactured at the source in Hatton in the plantations of Sri Lanka. The company will also produce tailor made products, including single garden extract products and high season specialty extracts.

The web design is a single page scrolling design and embraces simplicity and minimalism, making it user friendly. It is fully responsive and compatible with all mobile devices and platforms.

As with every 3CS solution, the website runs on state-of-the-art infrastructure, and has been highly optimised for search engines.

3CS also works with many other Hayleys companies and has a close and long term relationship with them spanning many years.