3CS Redesigned and Launched the Website of the LOLC Group

3CS Redesigned and Launched the Website of the LOLC Group


LOLC Group is one of Sri Lanka’s most successful and respected conglomerates. In the last few years we have seen a rapid evolution of LOLC from a leading financial services provider, to the largest non-banking financial institution. LOLC Group comprises the sectors of Financial Services, Leisure, Agriculture and Plantations, Renewable Energy, Construction, Manufacturing and Trading, Information Technology and other strategic investments.

One of LOLC’s core deliverables across all businesses is empowerment, from budding entrepreneurs to top corporates. The Group has always been about delivering products and services that enhance and advance lives and livelihoods; about making dreams come true and fulfilling long-held aspirations.

We would like to thank Susaan Bandara, Conrad Dias, Thivanka Balasooriya and the entire LOLC team in supporting and guiding us on this project, as well as the many other projects we work on together for the LOLC Group.

The new website for LOLC was designed with a modern and clean layout. It is an interactive site, and gives visitors useful information about the services and subsidiaries of the LOLC Group. The site is fully responsive and compatible with all mobile devices and platforms.

As with every 3CS solution, the website runs on state of the art infrastructure, and has been highly optimized for search engines.

The previous corporate website of LOLC was also designed by 3CS several years ago. We are proud to continue being a web design partner for the LOLC group. 3CS also designed and continues to maintain the websites for LOLC Finance, LOLC Life Insurance, LOLC General Insurance, LOLC Motors and CLC, a subsidiary of the group