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e-Commerce Solutions


Maximise Your Online Revenue

We are Sri Lanka’s longest operating e-commerce solutions provider. We have a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, working with a range of technologies and platforms, including WooCommerce, Magento and custom designed solutions. We can make your website one of the most profitable channels in your company. We offer unique insights into competing online, generating superior targeted visitor traffic, and converting a higher percentage of visitors into sales. A 3CS developed eCommerce website can generate tens of millions for an investment that is a mere fraction of that revenue.

We are experts in integrating with all Internet Payment Gateways (IPGs), including on projects in other countries. We also have many years of experience working with payment processing solutions like Paypal and 2checkout. We bring to bear not only our technical expertise, but also consulting on operations and logistics in managing successful e-commerce businesses. Our record breaking performance in sectors such as hospitality have redefined the possibilities for eCommerce websites in Sri Lanka.